Do we need to redefine “training” – or “behaviour”? Or both?

One of my online courses is called Getting Behaviour – The Foundations of Animal Training.

My students are really excited about it.

I’m very proud of it, and I had this idea to share part of the course for free, here on the blog. The course is about 13 hours long and contains 108 short videos, so I wanted to pick one of those videos and share with you. The best one.

That was difficult. Which video to choose?

After racking my brain for a while, I asked my current students for their help in making the selection, and they eagerly jumped at the opportunity and suggested a handful of their personal favourites.

Interestingly, they all suggested that I share different chapters – in fact, there was only one chapter that got several votes.

Two votes, to be exact.

Kinda disappointing, I had sort of hoped that the students would all point to one video being The Best Video In The Course.

No such thing, apparently.

But one of those videos actually got two votes.

And it was this one.

Training is about the animal learning and changing his behaviour. But what is behaviour, then?

So, without further ado, here’s chapter 2, called “what is training – and behaviour” from Module 1 of the Getting Behaviour course. It’s one of the longest videos of the course, normally they’re two to eight minutes long. This one’s 13.

Toggle the little blue CC-button at the bottom right of the film to see the English subtitles.


What is behaviour?

You may think you know… or maybe not..! You’re not alone – even behavioural biologists disagree on this topic. And they should know.

I mention that animals learn from each other. They also learn from humans. Some species can even be taught to imitate humans. Here’s the do-as-I-do method, introduced by Claudia Fugazza. Don’t know if it’s used with other species than dogs?

I have a chapter diving into this method in the Advanced Animal Training course.


Wanna see the other 107 videos in the course, and join the discussions? Find the Getting Behaviour course here.

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