Getting Behaviour – An Introduction to Animal Training

This course is for beginner animal trainers as well as seasoned veterans, and I call it Getting Behaviour – The Foundations of Animal Training.

The course has 10 modules:
1 – Inspiration
2 – Operant learning
3 – Target training
4 – Shaping
5 – Cues
6 – ABCs
7 – More ways of getting behaviour
8 – Motivation and relationships
9 – How emotions impact training
10 – Training tips
I’ve run this course as a pilot with just a handful of students, and right now I’m revising it based on the feedback I’m getting from the students.
I will offer it again early in 2018. Sign up below if you want to be notified and get the free training – enrollment will only be open for a limited time!

If you already signed up to the pilot version of this course about animal training, log in hereΒ to get started!

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  1. Looking forward to getting started … very excited to have this information available. Great work Karolina πŸ™‚

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