So, you’re interested in my online courses? Great! 🙂

My courses are of two kinds: short and long.

Short courses.

These short courses are very basic, teasers if you will – less than 1 hour long. They introduce topics that I cover in more detail in my longer courses.

Keys to successful animal training

This 50-minute course is about some of the things I wish someone had told me when I first started learning about animal training.

Long courses.

My full-length courses are between 10 and 25 hours long. Three of them open for admission once a year, but one (Getting Behaviour) is always available for enrollment.


The essentials of animal training – for beginners, but also experienced trainers including instructors. Check out the details here! 

animal emotions

This is the popular full, interactive course about how emotional experiences impact our animals, and how to get happy animals that thrive with people. Opens for enrollment in January 2025 –  Find it here! 


The in-depth nerdy course going into absurd detail on the topic of animal training. Will open for access in April of 2025 –   Check it out here!

Resolving Challenging Behaviour

In this course, I cover how to prevent, reduce or eliminate unwanted behaviour. A massive interdisciplinary course for animal pros and behaviour geeks! Opens again in September 2024. Find it right here!

If you’re already a student, access your course here!