I won’t list the 2024 lectures and events here until early 2025 – if you want to know what I’m up to, please keep an eye on my Facebook page!


In February, I participated in the KIENO (Kindness Is Essential, Not Optional) virtual summit in February with Dr Holly Tett, discussing Emotions and Unwanted Behaviours.

I had a 6-hour interactive day discussing Applied Ethology for Dog Trainers and Instructors with GoodDog.

I spoke to the Swedish Organization of Academic Ethologists about Behaviour Analysis for Ethologists.

In March, I spent a weekend lecturing in Belgium to the Flemish Group of Veterinary Behaviourists (VDWE) on the topic of Emotions and Learning.

I did a webinar with Tierakademie Scheuerhof on the Importance of Moods and Emotions when Training.

I lectured about Acclimatizing Fearful Cats in a seminar organized by Svekatt.

In April, I did a one-day lecture on the topic of Resolving Unwanted Behaviour in Animals in Denmark.

In May, I joined Marilyn Mele in the summit What Reactive Dogs Really Need discussing The Importance of Play.

in June, I explored the edges of my comfort zone by doing a webinar in Spanish (!) called Estados de ánimo, emociones y comportamiento.

I also joined Julie Naismith discussing the 20 problems with punishment on her podcast Be Right Back!

In September, I joined Ness Jones and Stacey Bell discussing How Emotions and Moods Impact Home Alone Time Behaviour in their podcast Tails from the Dog House: Separation Anxiety Explained.

In October, I talked about Applied Ethology for Horse Guardians with the Equine Behaviour Affiliation.

I joined Ness Jones in her summit on dog training, health and well-being, discussing Moods Emotions and Behaviour.

In November, I spent 2 days with Dutch Cell Dogs discussing Animal Emotions and Problem Solving in the Netherlands!

In addition to these international lectures, I also held a few lectures in Swedish Universities and schools, for instance on the topics of Introductory Animal Training, Applied Ethology and Primate Enrichment.

Discussing Time Budgets at Dutch Cell Dogs

I talked about the Core Affect Space in a PPG Australia webinar in January.

I talked about Start Buttons in a webinar with the International Canine Behaviourists in February.

I participated in the Kindness is Essential, not optional (KIENO) virtual summit in February with Dr Holly Tett, discussing Mands.

In March, I had a lovely conversation about my learning journey with Andrew Hale in the FB group Dog-Centred Care.

In April, I talked about Emotions, behaviour and horses in a webinar organized by Kate Thornton from International Equine Professionals.

In May, I discussed Noise Phobia: how to Help Dogs with Sound Sensitivities in a webinar and Q&A with Grisha Stewart.

In July, I participated in the Decoding your canine virtual Summit with Ness Jones, discussing Start buttons.

I spoke about mistakes when clicker training in the fair.stärkt horse podcast hosted in July by Nadine and Wibke. Other voices answering the same questions were Alexandra Kurland, Angelica Hesselius and Ken Ramirez. Interestingly, we interpreted the topic differently; I talked about when the trainer makes mistakes, and the others mostly about when the animal makes a mistake.

In October, I participated in the International Feline Behaviourists’ webinar on the topic of Emotions, Behaviour and felines.

For the Belgian Association of Animal Professionals, I spoke about the Power of Choice and Predictability in December.

Also, the Norwegian dog training organization Hund i Fokus (Dog in Focus) invited me for a webinar on the topic of Emotions and Challenging Behaviour.

On top of these online teaching opportunities, I also taught live audiences at some of the universities in Sweden, as well as a dog organization in Denmark. 🙂


In 2021, I developed the extensive online course Resolving Challenging Behaviour.

In April, I was invited to talk about Mands at Holly Tett’s Masterclass series Kind & Effective Training for Naughty Dogs. 

In October, PPG re-packaged my presentations from Geek Week 2020 into individual webinars. They were The Power of Pavlov, Shaping up Shaping, How Cognitive Biases Interfere with How We Acquire Knowledge, and Who Controls the Training Session – You or the Animal? and you can find them here.

In November, I held two General Sessions on PPG’s Geek Week 2021; one about Emotions and Challenging Behaviour, the other Resolving Challenging Behaviour.


I was invited to talk about The Four Perspectives of Animal Welfare at the opening episode of brand new Swedish nerdy animal trainer pod “djurtränarpodden” with Jenny Afvander.

I discussed Horse Emotions on Swedish pod Equinect with Susanna Davidsson.

I Talked Punishment with Niki Tudge on the Barks Podcast. 

April 2nd: I talked about Preventing and Reducing Fear in the Shelter Environment at the PPG’s Pet Rescue Resource Virtual Summit. 

October 10th: Lecturing at the online 2020 CAPBT-conference about Emotions, Control and Start Buttons. 

November 11th-15th: I was to deliver a keynote lecture on How emotions impact the outcome of your training in PPGs’ summit in Phoenix, USA, as well as an invited speaker at the APDT / PPGA joint conference in Australia. These two events were cancelled, and instead I was invited to speak to The Power of Pavlov, Shaping up Shaping, How Cognitive Biases Interfere with How We Acquire Knowledge, and Who Controls the Training Session – You or the Animal? at the online international PPG Geek Week Summit. 


February 16-17th: Lecturing about Animal Emotions in Warsaw, Poland, organized by Common Language.

March 22-23d: Lecturing to the Danish Society of Veterinary Ethology about emotions in the veterinary practice.

March 29th: Lecturing at the VeTA-dagarna about reducing fear, stress and anxiety in the veterinary clinic (in Swedish).

September 13-15th: Camp Raven Valley: training, lectures and discussions (in Swedish)

October 5-6th: Lecturing about Animal Emotions at Danmarks Civile Hundeförerförening

November 16-17th. Lecturing at the Choice, Control and Communication conference.


In 2018, I developed the extensive online course Advanced Animal Training.

January 13th-14th: Lecturing at the Choice, Control and Communication conference in Skara (in English).

February 8th: Lecturing about Animal Emotions at the Copenhagen Zoo (in English).

February 22-23d: Lecturing about ideal veterinary visits through VETA-bolaget in Gothenburg (in Swedish).

April 5-6th: Lecturing at the Companion Animal Workshop in Bern.

Nov 11th: Lecturing about Animal Emotions at Powerdog in Roskilde.


In 2017, I developed the extensive online course Getting Behaviour.

January 31st: “Behaviour management – an interdisciplinary approach to animal welfare“. Senior lecturer’s exam lecture (docentföreläsning), Stockholm.

March 4-5th: “Animal emotions – happier animals, better relationships“. Live seminar in Denmark.

March 15th: “Catification – how to provide a good environment for your cat“. Cat academy at Kattstallet, Stockholm (in Swedish).

October 1st: “Applied ethology and dogs – a discussion”. Dansk Kennel Klub, Askov.

October 28th- 29th: “Animal emotions – happier animals, better relationships“.  Danmarks Civile Hundeförerförening, Fjeldsted Skov Kro.

November 11th: “Handling, acclimatization and effects of learning in laboratory animals”. Swedish Veterinary Congress, Uppsala.


In 2016, I developed the extensive online course Animal Emotions.

April 22nd: “Fearful to friendly – taming feral cats”. VeTAbolaget yearly meeting, Stockholm (in Swedish)

April 24th: “Animal Emotions – webinar.” Free live online webinar.

June 8th: “Getting more contented patients – preventing and elimininating stress during the veterinary visit”. Blue Star Veterinary Hospital Academy, Göteborg (in Swedish)

August 25th: “Humane uses of negative reinforcement”. International Primatological Society, Chicago

September 29-30th: “Meeting animals: reducing fear and aggression in the veterinary clinic”. VeTAbolaget, Göteborg (in Swedish)

November 5th: “Animal emotions – your guide to a better relationship and happier pets“. Pet professional Guild, online webinar. This webinar was recorded – click the link to access it!

Lecture: What applied ethology can contribute to animal behaviour management (ABMA meeting). Photo: Sabrina Brando
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