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I stopped counting many years ago, but I have thousands of hours of lecturing experience at Universities, animal training organizations, animal shelters and zoos, on four continents and in 15 countries.

Nowadays I do most of my teaching online, but I still really enjoy getting out and seeing real people in a live audience every once in a while. 🙂

If you would like me to come to your location and give a presentation, or give an online webinar for your organization, keep reading!

My presentations are typically in the range from 45 minutes to two days; I’m flexible!


I am comfortable talking about Ethology, Animal Welfare, Learning Theory and Applied Behaviour Analysis as well as Affective Neuroscience – and my lectures typically offer a mix of these perspectives.

For shorter lectures (up to 3 hours) we can customize the content for your specific needs. Check out the list of presentations I’ve already given for some ideas!

For 2-day seminars I offer abbreviated versions of my full courses. Please follow the links to find out more about the different courses and see if any of them would be a fit for your needs. Note that for the longer courses, you will have to select which topics we should focus on, since there will not be time to cover them all within a 2-day time frame. Based on your request and the audience’s background, I will then customize a presentation for your venue.

  • Animal Emotions – I cover all the main topics in a 2-day seminar.
  • Getting Behaviour – Select 4-5 modules to focus on for a 2-day seminar.
  • Advanced Animal Training – Select 2-3 modules to focus on for a 2-day seminar.
  • Resolving Challenging Behaviour – I describe the framework, discuss prevention and then focus the most on one of the three types of main interventions that I discuss in the course (changing moods, emotions or functions – please select module 5, 6 or 7 as the main focus).

I live in Sweden, but lecture mostly in English. I could do French or Spanish in pre-recorded webinars with live Q&A – open for discussions on this! 🙂

Conditions and prices

For climate reasons, I travel by train in Europe nowadays – I’m open to flying overseas however (while compensating for the carbon emissions). I realize that trains are typically more expensive than flying, so I will cover any train travel costs exceeding 500 €.

As to prices, I offer two main models. Either a fixed price, or a price model where we share the risks and proceeds. Below are some examples of prices (subject to change):

  • Online webinar 3h – 750 €
  • International 3-hour live seminar – 1200 €
  • International 2-day weekend seminar – 3200 €
  • Sharing risks/proceeds – contact me for a discussion

Additional costs: travel, accommodation and expenses – and taxes where applicable.

Does this sound interesting? Please contact me for a discussion and quote!