Emotions, learning and animal training!

So sorry. The free mini-course Why Animal Emotions Matter is closed. It was available for a few weeks, and reached thousands of people and their animals across the globe!

Here’s what some previous students have said about this free training:

  • Donald:  all of Sunday was dedicated to immersing myself in each video, taking tons of important notes and then re-watching them all again.
  • Jessica:  the 4 day class you offer has altered the course of my life, my entire life! My life with my horse, my dog’s, my marriage, my work, mentally and emotionally… everything.
  • Vida: This is really wonderful – priceless knowledge. 
  • Jude: 4 videos and 37 pages of notes later, I know I am going to need a much bigger notebook for the full course!
  • Anna: First, let me say this: the content of the first video is not new to me. Yet, the way you’re talking about it… WOW!
  • Παράσχης: What a pleasant surprise !!! The video was magnificent! I didn’t expect to find something so good for free.
  • Suvi: I just wanted you to know how REALLY IMPORTANT work little ol’ me thinks you’re doing. 
  • Anne: Watching your videos lit a fire in my soul that felt snuffed.
  • Sonia: Your free mini session made the information more understandable with a few ‘ahhhhh I get it now’ moments.
  • Magda: Amazing training series.

Don’t worry, I give these free trainings about how emotions impact animals’ behaviour, personality, social skills and wellbeing once a year – you can always attend the next one!

Meanwhile, as consolation, here are some of my blog posts related to this topic!

19 Replies to “Emotions, learning and animal training!”

  1. I have tried to sign up with two different email address a nd neither would go through. There are only a few days left and I would really like to watch them before the offer expires.

    1. Hi Lisa, hmm… try again? Perhaps re-load the page, or try another browser? It seems to be working for others!

  2. Hej, hoppas jag blev anmäld. Jag skulle dela detta på fb också, men det gick tydligen inte, andra kan inte komma in via delningen, delade via den länk du har höär.
    / Vänligen Helena

    1. Hi Lesley, I can confirm that you’ve signed up, and that the welcome-email got through to you and was opened! 🙂

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