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Currently, I have two courses, which happen to be about the same topic:

The fundamentals – handling emotional states in animals.

A short course that will change how you relate to animals, it’s the 46-minute summary of “Animal Emotions” (the other course below).

Check out “The Fundamentals” here. 



Animal Emotions – happier animals, better relationships

This course is currently unavailable. Enrollment occurs once a year, next course planned for the autumn of 2017.

The full comprehensive, interdisciplinary online course which helps animal professionals and pet owners get happier animals and develop a better relationship with animals in their care. The course addresses why it’s important to understand emotions in order to better predict responses, prevent undesirable behaviour, problem solve more efficiently and prioritize more effectively. It covers the 7 core emotions in animals: CARE, GRIEF, PLAY, LUST, SEEKING, FEAR, and RAGE – and much more.

It’s 10 weeks long, and involves about 20 hours of engagement. If you’re interested, there are 10 CEU points to be earned.

What are people saying about “Animal Emotions”?

"I can honestly say that this course has changed my life. I have even changed my Master’s thesis subject because of it... This course has changed me and my dog's welfare for the better, and I never even thought that it needed improvement." (Madicken Åkerman)

"It's been several years since I learned so much new, useful and relevant stuff in ONE course." (Bettina Hvidemose)

"The course has changed something in the way I look at animals. I feel...closer to them, and I watch them more closely asking myself what I really see." (Ewa Rumistrzewicz)

"I learned things that weren't just variations of what I knew in advance but completely new stuff that blew my mind and made me see a lot of things in a different light." (Kristin Due Holmegaard)

"This course has forever changed how I categorize and understand my animal's behavior and that in turn has changed my behavior with them. Thank you, Karolina!" (Tina Kolhammar)

Sounds interesting? I’d love for you to be a part of the course!

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