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This *free* four-part video series is called “Emotions, Learning and Animal Training”.

This is content that I typically share only with my paying students, but I like to lift the curtain and offer it for free to the general community once in a while…!

Unsure of whether it’s for you? Here’s what previous student said about the 2018 free workshop:

  • A friend commented this morning how much my young dog has changed over the last week. ‘He seems much more content’ she said. (Dianne)
  • Literally packed with really good advice and information, all relayed in a layman way so really easy to follow and understand (Elaine)
  • Fantastic material – super informative and well worth the time… I will be taking up future paid trainings! (Kicki)
  • I haven’t found the right science-based course until I wrote pages of notes after following this course. (Hannah)
  • Thank you so much for this free video course, it has been life changing! (Luba)
  • Lightbulb moments galore! (Sue)
  • Your message is so needed and can make a huge difference in the joy that animals and people share (Susan)

Below are the dates to keep in mind:

  • Part 1. How emotions impact learning. Released Sept 16th.
  • Part 2. Fun and focus! Published Sept 19th.
  • Part 3. Relationships and training outcomes. Available Sept 23d.
  • Part 4. Preventing and diminishing fear. Hits the ether Sept 25th.
  • Access to the free content ends on Sept 29th.
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