March 18-19th: Lecture about Animal Emotions and the ethologist’s take on learning theory in Knebel, Denmark. Organized by Nina Krüger.

September 18-20th: Keynote lecture on How emotions impact the outcome of your training as well as one seminar somewhat cheekily called Do scientists really know what they’re talking about? in Phoenix, USA. The PPG Summit.

October 10-11th: Lecturing at the CAPBT-conference in Coventry, UK.

November 12-15: Lecturing at the APDT/PPGA joint conference in Australia.


February 16-17th: Lecturing about Animal Emotions in Warsaw, Poland, organized by Common Language.

March 22-23d: Lecturing to the Danish Society of Veterinary Ethology about emotions in the veterinary practice.

March 29th: Lecturing at the VeTA-dagarna about reducing fear, stress and anxiety in the veterinary clinic (in Swedish).

September 13-15th: Camp Raven Valley: training, lectures and discussions (in Swedish)

October 5-6th: Lecturing about Animal Emotions at Danmarks Civile Hundeförerförening

November 16-17th. Lecturing at the Choice, Control and Communication conference.


January 13th-14th: Lecturing at the Choice, Control and Communication conference in Skara (in English).

February 8th: Lecturing about Animal Emotions at the Copenhagen Zoo (in English).

February 22-23d: Lecturing about ideal veterinary visits through VETA-bolaget in Gothenburg (in Swedish).

April 5-6th: Lecturing at the Companion Animal Workshop in Bern.

Nov 11th: Lecturing about Animal Emotions at Powerdog in Roskilde.


January 31st: “Behaviour management – an interdisciplinary approach to animal welfare“. Senior lecturer’s exam lecture (docentföreläsning), Stockholm.

March 4-5th: “Animal emotions – happier animals, better relationships“. Live seminar in Denmark.

March 15th: “Catification – how to provide a good environment for your cat“. Cat academy at Kattstallet, Stockholm (in Swedish).

October 1st: “Applied ethology and dogs – a discussion”. Dansk Kennel Klub, Askov.

October 28th- 29th: “Animal emotions – happier animals, better relationships“.  Danmarks Civile Hundeförerförening, Fjeldsted Skov Kro.

November 11th: “Handling, acclimatization and effects of learning in laboratory animals”. Swedish Veterinary Congress, Uppsala.



April 22nd: “Fearful to friendly – taming feral cats”. VeTAbolaget yearly meeting, Stockholm (in Swedish)

April 24th: “Animal Emotions – webinar.” Free live online webinar.

June 8th: “Getting more contented patients – preventing and elimininating stress during the veterinary visit”. Blue Star Veterinary Hospital Academy, Göteborg (in Swedish)

August 25th: “Humane uses of negative reinforcement”. International Primatological Society, Chicago

September 29-30th: “Meeting animals: reducing fear and aggression in the veterinary clinic”. VeTAbolaget, Göteborg (in Swedish)

November 5th: “Animal emotions – your guide to a better relationship and happier pets“. Pet professional Guild, online webinar. This webinar was recorded – click the link to access it!

Lecture: What applied ethology can contribute to animal behaviour management (ABMA meeting). Photo: Sabrina Brando

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