February 16-17th: Lecturing about Animal Emotions in Warsaw, Poland, organized by Common Language.

March 22-23d: Lecturing to the Danish Society of Veterinary Ethology about emotions in the veterinary practice.

March 29th: Lecturing at the VeTA-dagarna about reducing fear, stress and anxiety in the veterinary clinic (in Swedish).

September 13-15th: Camp Raven Valley: training, lectures and discussions (in Swedish)

October 5-6th: Lecturing about Animal Emotions at Danmarks Civile Hundeförerförening

November 16-17th. Lecturing at the Choice, Control and Communication conference.


January 13th-14th: Lecturing at the Choice, Control and Communication conference in Skara (in English).

February 8th: Lecturing about Animal Emotions at the Copenhagen Zoo (in English).

February 22-23d: Lecturing about ideal veterinary visits through VETA-bolaget in Gothenburg (in Swedish).

April 5-6th: Lecturing at the Companion Animal Workshop in Bern.

Nov 11th: Lecturing about Animal Emotions at Powerdog in Roskilde.


January 31st: “Behaviour management – an interdisciplinary approach to animal welfare“. Senior lecturer’s exam lecture (docentföreläsning), Stockholm.

March 4-5th: “Animal emotions – happier animals, better relationships“. Live seminar in Denmark.

March 15th: “Catification – how to provide a good environment for your cat“. Cat academy at Kattstallet, Stockholm (in Swedish).

October 1st: “Applied ethology and dogs – a discussion”. Dansk Kennel Klub, Askov.

October 28th- 29th: “Animal emotions – happier animals, better relationships“.  Danmarks Civile Hundeförerförening, Fjeldsted Skov Kro.

November 11th: “Handling, acclimatization and effects of learning in laboratory animals”. Swedish Veterinary Congress, Uppsala.



April 22nd: “Fearful to friendly – taming feral cats”. VeTAbolaget yearly meeting, Stockholm (in Swedish)

April 24th: “Animal Emotions – webinar.” Free live online webinar.

June 8th: “Getting more contented patients – preventing and elimininating stress during the veterinary visit”. Blue Star Veterinary Hospital Academy, Göteborg (in Swedish)

August 25th: “Humane uses of negative reinforcement”. International Primatological Society, Chicago

September 29-30th: “Meeting animals: reducing fear and aggression in the veterinary clinic”. VeTAbolaget, Göteborg (in Swedish)

November 5th: “Animal emotions – your guide to a better relationship and happier pets“. Pet professional Guild, online webinar. This webinar was recorded – click the link to access it!

Lecture: What applied ethology can contribute to animal behaviour management (ABMA meeting). Photo: Sabrina Brando

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