Happier animals – better relationships: the Animal Emotions course (2017)

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Course Content

Modules Status



Module 1 – Core Affect Space


Module 2 - CARE


Module 3 - GRIEF


Module 4 - PLAY


Module 5 - LUST


Bonus Webinar 1


Module 6 - SEEKING


Module 7 - FEAR


Module 8 - RAGE


Module 9 - WRAP UP


Bonus Webinar 2

24 Replies to “Happier animals – better relationships: the Animal Emotions course (2017)”

  1. Hi,
    just joined. I was at your seminar in Denmark in March of this year and loved it. I’m very much looking forward to starting this course.

    1. There’s no formal qualification, but you’ll get a certificate of completion, a banner for your website, and 10 CEUs from the IAABC, and probably from the PPG too although they still haven’t processed my request..!

  2. I am determined to be the best guardian of my dog that he could ever have. I am so glad that you are my guide in this journey, Karolina. Animal welfare needs to be our tutor in every step of our training and handling, and also for preparing our animals to thrive in our foreign and often capricious world. Thank you for another important course. Can’t wait to learn from all of you!

  3. Hello, I Am a Dutch Dog Behaviorist (www.DB trainingscentrum.nl).
    form the Netherlands. I am very curious at Your Insights from this course.

    1. Great to have you aboard, Henk! My advice is to monitor the discussions in the comments: a lot of interesting stuff happen there!

  4. Karolina
    you suggest printing out the summary for each module. but when I do this, none of the text prints, just the pictures (except for the intro module – that I was able to print all the text).
    any suggestions for how to work around this? thanks.

      1. actually the problem was with my printer/ink. I tried to find my comment so I could let you know before you had to respond, but I couldn’t remember where I had posted it! thanks for your reply.

  5. Hello Karolina, I love your content and organization of research, resources, and comments. I will be taking future courses, and am actively recommending your courses to others! How do I get the unit credit for completing this course! Thank you for your work!! Susan tripp

    1. Glad you liked the course, Susan! 🙂

      About credits for the course, it depends on where you’re associated if and how I can give you CEUs/CDPs. Which organization, and do you have a reference number? (email me for this… karolina@illis.se)

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